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1 Neobux - no. 1 most trusted PTC site

2 Clixsense - one of the older and most trusted

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Hello dear Fashion and models blog visitors, here I will present you some ways to make money online and to make it all real, I will post images with paying proof. There are some ways of doing money on the internet, and since you browse on the internet, why not spending few minutes to make some cents!!!?? Do not follow sites that promise gains of hundreds and thousends of dollar, it is hard to belive those sites are LEGIT.

There are some ways of doing money on the internet like clicking on sites/banners, doing surveys, reading e-mails, sharing files and others I may not know about them. I will show you only the ones I trust and I like most. This methods will be mixed and this page will be updated from time to time so check it from time to time.

You need a PAYPAL account, Alerpay or Webmoney to receive your cash.

1 Ref4Bux - one of the best PTC sites

I made a small cashout ( 0,27 cents ) so I can proof REF4BUX is legit, the proof of my payment is here:
After you register, complete step 1, press admin ads and after few seconds pick the proper smilly/emoticon from the top page. Step 2 is to surf thru ads, press surf button. You can earn more money doing some small investments. Well, they are legit and they pay.

2 Neobux - no. 1 most trusted PTC site

Per click: $0.010 (standard view) · $0.015 (extended view)
Per referral click: $0.005 (standard view) · $0.010 (extended view)
Detailed charts: No
Cheaper rental prices: No
Cheaper renewal prices: No
Higher referral limits: No

3 Phd-bux - very good PTC site

They all pay, the reason I stopped posting paying proofs is becouse I want to cashout at the end of this year, from all this sites. I will keep updating the paying proofs in time, this sites are legits. I hope you will follow me if you care for some extra income.

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